Gaps Have Been Closed ~ Data ~ More Data ~ SRED~ Some Exercise ~ Pycon!

I just realized that I have been working on this "Closing The Gaps" project for about a year. I have made some progress, not all of it in the directions I intended, but, as we know, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.

I did not learn C++ or much Cloud Computing, although I did do an AWS Kubernetes/Travis CI/CD deployment that worked... once. So far.

However, I did get pretty good at Python and got my toes wet with Java in the last year. I also earned certificates in Data Analysis (and Data Analysis) and Data Science.

(I'm nearly done another Data Science certificate. Trying to get through the last handful of courses before the subscription expires!!!)

I have attended several meetups on Synthetic Intelligence and Data. I started off not understanding a lot of the talks, but I've got most of the lingo and math these days. Also, that group is super interesting and welcoming.

I finally got to go and have dinner with the Italian meetup in Toronto, although only once so far. My rudimentary Italian is in a weird, "can understand a lot more than I can answer," state. I am hoping to fit in some actual conversation classes real soon now.

Still singing with my acapella group, and we are prepping a fabulous arrangement of Song for a Winter's Night. I'm looking forward to it. I got one of my kids off to college this fall, which took a lot of the summer with travel and arrangements.

I've been doing some really cool work as a SRED Consultant for the last six months. I write the technical reports that go with research tax credit applications. This is a great job for a generalist, as I'm handed new technologies (frequently right at the bleeding edge) to write about almost every week.

Very exciting: I am presenting at Pycon 2019 next weekend! The title of my (wee) talk is "Coding With an Accent."  It is on the challenges of learning idiomatic Python when you don't have the opportunity to practice it with feedback. I am looking at the parallel with learning Italian entirely from texts and apps. (I have a couple of strategies for dealing with both of those problems. Spoiler: They involve other human beings.)

I continue with my stubborn belief that I can become a runner, even if it is astonishingly difficult for me to get past week 6 of the program. I have kept up my yoga (go me), with the unfailing support of the illustrious Adriene.

And to round things out, I am currently building a course to help other people with multifaceted and complex interests design lives that will support the pursuit of those goals. The working titles is, "Accomplished!" (There will be a waitlist real soon now. I have to build the landing page first, though.)

And in the funny because it's true category...

I made some amazing pumpkin scones a couple of weeks ago, but (Oh no!) I have squishy bananas in the fridge that are unlikely to become muffins! Again! (That was a detail in the post I wrote a year ago. It is merely coincidence. I don't always have neglected bananas in the fridge.)

And if you read all of that and thought, "Wow! I would love to do all those things!" (Or, "Whoa! How do you do all those things?") I'm putting together a course on Life Design for Complex People, and I'm keeping a waitlist so that people get early access to the beta version. You should totally check it out. :)